Where Do Affiliate Marketers Network?

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If you are a part of the affiliate marketing world, you are probably familiar with the term, “joint ventures.” In fact, sometimes the term “joint venture” is used interchangeably with affiliate marketing, but it is actually something more.

What is difference between Joint Venture Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?

A Joint Venture is something more than just an affiliate marketing partnership. It is two or more businesses joining with an intent to promote the products and services of each other’s companies. The companies may or may not be in the same niche, but they don’t compete with each other.

Affiliate marketing is when a business signs up with a merchant to sell products or services and they get a percentage of those sales. The merchant may or may not offer the affiliate some support, and the affiliate has the benefit of selling a known product or service from a branded company.

Joint Ventures, however, are more of a partnership in that the businesses work together to benefit each other, while the affiliates are just usually in the market to have another venue to sell their products. The merchant can just fire the affiliate if they aren’t making them any money, while in a joint venture the two businesses are in it to help each other succeed.

Joint Venture Forums to Check Out

Many affiliates like to learn more about partnerships of the joint venture variety since they offer everyone involved more than just a regular affiliate program. Instead of being an employee of a sort of the merchant, they are a true partner. Here are a few of these joint ventures where affiliate like to network.

Warrior Forum

http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-joint- ventures/

Warrior Forum is one of the most popular Internet marketing forum for affiliates and other Internet business people. It offers both paid and free memberships, depending on what section of the Warrior Forum you wish to join and be a part of. It is devoted to topics such as Internet marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimization, as well as giving advice and support on various affiliate programs and joint ventures.

JVNotifyPro 2.0 Forums

http://v3.jvnotifypro.com/community_forums/forums/36-JVNotifyPro- 2.0-Joint-Venture- Marketing-Discussion-Forums

The main thing that affiliates get with JVNotifyPro 2.0 is a vehicle to get what they need to form relationships with prospective joint venture and other partnerships. It gives marketers a place to ask questions and get the answers needed to do that, as well as to learn things about affiliate marketing and other forms of marketing.



ABestWeb is one of the world’s biggest Affiliate Marketing forums with more than a hundred thousand members and counting. It has both newcomers to the affiliate industry, as well as experts who can learn and share all kinds of information on joint ventures and other aspects of affiliate marketing.

5 Star Affiliate Programs

http://affiliate-marketing- forums.5staraffiliateprograms.com/

5 Star Affiliate Programs is a group of affiliate programs and joint ventures that offer high paying commissions and have a high integrity rating. In this forum members can help each other to build partnerships, get information, and learn about the listed programs and what they can offer each other.

Pinterest Affiliate Programs

http://www.pinterest.com/cpflick/affiliate-programs- jv-partners/

Pininterest is a social media site that posts pictures that people “pin” because they like them and want to promote them. Through their affiliate programs and joint ventures members can browse and look for the program they wish to be a part of.

Velvet Rope Joint Ventures


Velvet Rope Joint Ventures offers a seven point affiliate program matching system to pair up affiliates with high paying merchant programs. It uses a proprietary profiling system to figure out what type of affiliate is best suited for a program. They state that many of their partners make thousands of dollars a month in these programs that they help create.

The bottom line is that there are many of these kinds of affiliate marketing programs, forums and joint venture websites where today’s modern affiliate marketer can network. Connect with your peers to learn more about the latest and greatest things going on in the affiliate marketing world. Joining one or more of these sites will help affiliate marketers reach their highest potential and be able to make the most possible profit by learning how to use current and up to date tactics, technologies, and more.

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