Are Businesses Doing Affiliate Marketing?

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If you are looking to get into the affiliate marketing business, but want to deal with a well known and respected business, then you are in luck. There are plenty of businesses with affiliate marketing programs that you can join. Each of them as its pros and cons as some pay more than others and some pay more often than others.

Here are just a few of the big companies offering affiliate marketing programs:

One Kings Lane – One Kings Lane is a leading online home and lifestyle shopping company that sells designer furniture, antiques, accessories and vintage products. They pay a 20 percent commission to their affiliates and do this by check or direct deposit once a month, with a minimum payout of $50. They have been featured in magazines like InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens, People and in the New York Times.

Frames Direct – Frames Direct is a leading online seller of prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. They are very popular when it comes to buying glasses online and make it simple for customers to use their services. They pay a five percent commission to their affiliates and pay once a month as long as you have $25 in your account. They pay by check, direct deposit or PayPal.


Skechers is a well-known shoe company that’s sells thousands of kinds of shoes. They are well-known for athletic shoes. It pays its affiliates eight percent per sale every month as long as they have $25 in their account. They pay by check.


Zazzle is a company online that sells everything from personalized cups to wedding invitations. Customers can buy existing items, customize items, or make their own in just about every niche, including popular topics like weddings, birthdays, gifts, etc. They pay their affiliates 15 percent commission per sale and pay once a month via check or PayPal once a month as long as there is $25 in the account.

Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is one of the more lucrative businesses for the amount of commission it shares with its affiliates, as they pay affiliates a whopping 65 percent of a sale. offers coupons, deals, promotions on all kinds of online retailers all in one spot. They send out emails to customers who have opted in for their weekly newsletter that lists all of that week’s specials. Brad’s Deals pays out via PayPal once a month as long as there is $25 in the account.

Pet Food Direct

Pet Food Direct has more than 13,000 pet products and is the largest online seller of pet supplies. Pet Food Direct pays out to their affiliates a nine percent commission and pays by check once a month as long as there is at least $25 in the account.

Keurig Canada

Keurig Canada lets website owners to make money by putting ads for onto their website. They are a popular seller of all kinds of Keurig items in Canada. If a sale resorts, they pay out a 10 percent of a commission to affiliates once a month as long as there is at least $100 in the account. They require more in an account before they pay their affiliates than many of the others affiliate programs, so take that into consideration before you join their program.


If you like toys, the Mattel Shop sells all kinds of kid’s toys such as Barbies, games, and other beloved iconic toys. They pay their affiliates a four percent commission on a sale and pay out once a month via check as long as the account has at least $25 in in it.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have gotten very popular in the last few years and V2 Electronic cigarettes pays between 20 and 30 percent commission for affiliate sales. They pay out once a month via check, wire or PayPal as long as the account has at least $100 in it, which is more than many of the other businesses.

All in all, there are many similar deals for potential affiliate marketers to join with a well-known business to form a partnership that will bring benefits to both parties. You can find these and more examples of such businesses by Googling affiliate marketing programs or businesses.

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