How to Choose Affiliate Products that Convert Like Crazy!

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Not all affiliate products convert to sales quickly. You want to focus on the products that your audience really wants NOW.

Follow these seven tips to find affiliate products that convert like crazy!

Tip 1: Pick a Niche

A niche affiliate product refers to any product that is related to your blog topics and is of interest your readers. Choose a market related to your hobbies, skills, passions and experiences because your interest and enthusiasm for the topic will attract attention and foster interaction.

Consider a popular niche like pets, health, relationships, entertainment, or babies so you can quickly tap into a huge, interested buying audience. Are you a dog lover? Have you had experience with a particular health problem? Did you ace computer science at school? Do your friends come to you for relationship advice? Having an existing knowledge of a niche can be a big advantage when you select and market products, because you know what to look for and why people buy.

Tip 2: Find Evergreen Products

Some products are hot all year round and some are seasonal. Others are popular during the latest trend, but quickly lose market interest. Ideally, you want to track down the evergreen products that sell well for years, regardless of the time of year or the current trends. Evergreen products allow you to make money from the work you put in a long time ago.

Select the hottest selling products in your niche and start writing about them. Share what you like, what you wish it had/could do, and how you’re using it.

Your credibility is on the line with each review so be sure to try a product before recommending it! Not doing so is one of the fastest way to destroy trust with your audience.

Sign up for a free-trial of the product if one is available, or ask the product owner to give you a review copy. If need be, you can buy and use the product in order to come up with an excellent review either pro or con.

Tip 3: Understand your customers

Let’s say you added ‘playing soccer’ to your niche list in Step 1. Before you select affiliate products, you need to understand (1) who in this niche is buying, and (2) what they are buying. Browsing forums related to your niche is a great way to discover buyers’ needs, wants, and problems in their own words.

For example, some people in the soccer market want to know how to pull off specific moves; these people probably won’t be interested in buying something from you. Others want to learn how to master soccer fast so they can participate in an upcoming game; these people are much more likely to want to buy something to help them achieve that goal. Reading soccer forums will help you absorb what matters most to people interested in playing soccer, which in turn will help you choose the best products to promote to them.

Some other things to consider while you read: How can you target impulse buyers in this market? How narrow is your niche? If it is too narrow you may find your target market is too small to make sales. If it’s too broad you’ll find it difficult to get your site ranked in search engines so prospects can find you.

Tip 4: Select best-selling products

I highly recommend using ClickBank. ClickBank uses a measure called ‘gravity’ to represent how well each product sells, based on how many sales have been made and how recent these sales were.

A very high gravity (i.e. 100+) will generally indicate that there is a lot of competition in this niche. Don’t let that put you off. Competition is good because it means there’s lots of demand for products in that niche. It also means that there are potentially a lot of people with lists you could partner with.

There are times when a low gravity product can still be worth promoting – it might simply be new, or an undiscovered gem. So while gravity is a helpful indication of selling potential, you shouldn’t reject an otherwise high-quality product solely because of its low gravity score.

Tip 5: Choose Multiple Products

Identify several related products being sold through ClickBank. The advantage of multiple products is that it allows you to create a review page, increasing your chances of making a sale. For example, if you are selling a “learn soccer” product, by including a few other “learn soccer” products on the same page, visitors will feel they’ve completed the evaluation phase of buying and are now in a position to purchase.

Tip 6: Focus on High Commission Percentage (65% or greater)

In order for your marketing efforts to be worthwhile, you need to promote high commission products – that is, products paying out at least $18 per sale. Keep in mind that from a seemingly high commission, you’ll need to deduct your advertising expenses (e.g. Facebook) as well as your time. Of course, if a product has a high dollar value, then a lower commission percentage will still be a good investment.

Tip 7: Ensure the Sales Page is Persuasive

Take a long, hard look at the product’s sales page since it must be strong enough to convert your affiliate links into commissions! Does it look convincing? Does it address the concerns of the market? Is it persuasive and credible, or does it sound over the top and unbelievable? Would you buy from a site that looked like that?

Choosing the right product to promote is the first stage of being a successful affiliate marketer, and if you do it right, you can drastically improve your chances of earning a good income. But even if you get off to a good start, don’t just set up your offer page and forget all about it. Keep a close eye on your ClickBank reports, and using Tracking IDs to see what pages and products are performing the best so you know where to focus your efforts and resources.

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