The Strong Connection Between Your Brain and Bank Account

By October 3, 2017 General

affiliate-marketing-productDid you know that there’s a strong connection between your brain and bank account?

Most people don’t know this… but there is a very strange connection between your brain and your bank account.

As it turns out, your income is largely determined by the thought patterns, beliefs and habits that are programmed into your brain from a young age.

It’s true.

A lot of people grew up hearing things like:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“We can’t afford it.”

“All rich people are evil.”

“We’ll never be wealthy.”

My parents always quoted The Miser’s Creed: “Use it up.  Wear it out.  Make it do.  Or do without.”

It’s great to save money, but unfortunately, these sayings act as instructions to your subconscious mind. They are the seeds that grow into the beliefs and thought patterns that determine how you think or feel about money today, as an adult.

And most people spent years having these beliefs programmed into their minds.

It’s no wonder why so many of us struggle to earn more money… or feel comfortable asking for or receiving money into our lives.

But there’s good news:

Your brain is very flexible thanks to neuroplasticity… these beliefs, habits and thought patterns are actually easy to change.

So if you’ve ever felt like there was something holding you back from earning more money… then check this out:

John Assaraf, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Founder of NeuroGym is hosting an incredible live event this Saturday that can help you remove all of the mental or emotional obstacles that are standing in your way of earning more money and achieving your goals.

It’s called The 6th Live Annual Brain-A-Thon.

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John and his team of experts are going to teach you more about creating wealth in one day than you’ve learned in your entire life.

This year, he has a new lineup of guest experts who are going to be sharing strategies and techniques that are based on the latest brain science discoveries and findings. Most of these trainings have never been seen before publicly (and might never be seen again).

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I know you’re worth it.  I hope you know you’re worth it.

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