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Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!

In Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Principles of Predictable Profit, Elaine Starling reveals the five principles that generate astounding business success and personal fulfillment. This compelling take on business is like a combination of the principle-centered approach of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People with the insightful perspective of Lynchpin, providing a proven, step-by-step business growth system that’s easy to implement.

Endorsements & Testimonials

Mikelann Valterra “This book is amazing. From understanding who we are as women to understanding how our brain works, this book helps us see our value, step into feeling it, and then go after what we really want. Success with ease. Amazing.”
Mikelann Valterra, Financial Recovery Coach and Author,


Sharon Phoenix“Today’s business environment demands fresh ideas and this book delivers them. It’s a simple guide to leveraging our strengths asstrong and bold women. This book offers a great reading experience with inspiration on every page.”
Sharon Phoenix, Owner of S&R Giftworld,


Fran Pastore“I believe in business we must all have an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and this book supports this theory whole heartedly with valuable strategies to succeed.”
Fran Pastore, CEO, Women’s Business Development Council Inc,


Cindy O’Connor“In Why 5% Succeed, Starling outlines clear and achievable strategies that every woman can make her own.”
Cindy O’Connor, The O’Connor Group LLC,


Jane Meager“I read a ton of business books and Why 5% Succeed taught me some valuable new lessons and was also enjoyable and relatable. This book helped me to more broadly define business success by focusing on the relationship of revenue to my reputation, relationships and rewarding experiences. There were salient points throughout the book that I will use in all areas of my business: the training programs we implement for our client’s teams, and in the process improvement we do with management teams, and even in how I run my business, so I’m sure that no matter what your business is, you can apply principles in this book to your world. I’m even using a direct quote from the book in an upcoming seminar I’m giving at a national convention!”
Jane Meager, President, Success Strategies,


Karla Lyngvar“This book can change lives. Why 5% Succeed helps us understand how to nurture and inspire relationships, which is the foundation for lasting success in business and in life. A very interesting and enlightening read.”
Karla Lyngvar, Partner, Swiss Avenue Partners


Gayle Rodgers“Fantastic business book on how to succeed. Easy to read. Easy to follow. Good examples and stories. The five strategies will help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. In addition to what’s in the book, there is useful information you can access on the website.”
Gayle Rodgers, Life Coach and certified Dream Coach® Group Leader,


Why 5% Succeed is one of those rare books that entertain while simultaneously delivering an uplifting, innovative look at how business works that we can apply immediately. Brilliant!”
Annette Bryant, Prudential Real Estate Specialist,


Why 5% Succeed is a quick and easy guide that is relevant to both the business veteran and the first-time entrepreneur. It will give you a fresh perspective that will help you start, grow or reinvent your business. This book is a small investment with BIG returns!”
Diane Carlson, CEO, 1-2-1 Philanthropic Services,


“Want to know the winning formula for business and entrepreneurial success and positive influence? Effectively combine relevance with nurtured relationships. Why 5% Succeed is a MUST READ to learn how.”
Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Psychologist, teacher and author of Emotional Pilates


“Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career trajectory where you’re working or seeking your next opportunity to serve at a higher level, this book for business leaders is a secret treasure of proven principles you can use immediately to achieve more career success. Apply the five strategies of business winners you’ll discover in Why 5% Succeed and advance your career. And, if you have a secret longing to start your own business, you’ll discover insights to take your first step onto your new career path.”
Terry Kozlowski, President, Achievementor Group LLC

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Get the free checklist and video training that reveals The 10 Benefits Your Clients are Begging For

Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!