Get the free checklist and video training that reveals The 10 Benefits Your Clients are Begging For

Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!

Discover how successful businesses increase return-on-investment and how you can too!

Each week on the Why 5% Succeed show, you’ll meet another highly successful business owner, entrepreneur, author, speaker or expert who will reveal the 4 ways they create ROI for their ideal clients.  Learn how to show your clients the money to grow your business fast!

Interested in Becoming a Guest?

As a successful and socially generous entrepreneur or small business owner, you delight in learning new things and sharing them with others. You follow the philosophy of giving first, knowing that your contribution will come back to you tenfold in unanticipated ways.

The Why 5% Succeed show is a compelling, dynamic, interactive weekly Google Hangout show. I’m the host, Elaine Starling. I’m always looking for great guests for Why 5% Succeed so I wanted to explain the structure of the show and how to apply to be a show guest.

Why 5% Succeed has two clear purposes:

  1. Help viewers maximize wealth.
  2. Make you (my guest) lookREALLY good

The Setup

Regardless of your industry, you need to attract prospects, convert them into clients, and nurture them into advocates.

The Problem

Many people struggle to experience the success they want in their business. But success is really easy when you know the secret…

The fastest way to succeed is to make sure your clients are successful!

Through many years of research and working with both corporations and entrepreneurs, I find that only about 5% of companies are truly leveraging all four types of “wealth” they can create for their clients.

The Solution

The purpose of the Why 5% Succeed show is to teach viewers three tips that pertain to one of three areas:

  1. Mindset
  2. Message
  3. Media

Show Structure

  • I start the show with training from the “Why 5% Succeed Formula,” explaining what it is, why it’s important, and how it works.
  • I introduce and interview my guest to discuss the topic further and illustrate how it applies to my guest’s business. (Customized questions are provided in advance.)
  • I highlight what’s most important and how my guest is doing a great job.
  • I ask the audience what questions they have about the training or what my guest is doing.
  • I or my guest suggests a question the audience can ask themselves, an exercise they can do to apply the training to their own business, or a tool or resource that would be useful.

In essence, my guest functions as a live case study where I amplify what they’re doing really well.

Viewers benefit by seeing real examples of what people are doing that works. Through the conversation, additional opportunities are often revealed for my guest too.

The hangout show is live and is designed to attract audience interaction. The show is also recorded – which generates the majority of the viewership. Viewers can post questions after the show too so it’s an ongoing, interactive experience.

By participating, my guests receive extra “Google Love” in SEO, reach a worldwide audience, and get video they can use in their own marketing. My team edits the show to create “social sound bites” that are easy to share online. My guest receives the full show and sound bites to use in her/his own marketing and promotional activities.

If this sounds like fun to you… then you’ll LOVE Why 5% Succeed!

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Thank you – I’m excited to support your success!

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Get the free checklist and video training that reveals The 10 Benefits Your Clients are Begging For

Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!