Get the free checklist and video training that reveals The 10 Benefits Your Clients are Begging For

Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!

Elaine Starling is the author of “Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Principles of Predictable Profit” and the host of the “Why 5% Succeed” show and podcast. Elaine is an acknowledged thought leader and marketing master, generating over $100 million in incremental value for her clients by creating innovative programs that increase participation, process improvement, positioning and profit. Elaine serves on the Board of Directors for Women Impacting Public Policy, a bi-partisan organization representing 58 professional women’s organizations and over 8.3 million women business owners. Elaine is a sought-after speaker, consultant, columnist, mentor, and a very successful entrepreneur, teaching her unique Revenue Formula™ to help women entrepreneurs and business owners double their business results.

Elaine’s popular Revenue Formula™ training for business owners and entrepreneurs was forged from her innovative marketing programs for national and international companies such as WebEx, Shutterfly, Symantec, Sprint, Mattel Toys, Orion Pictures, and many others.

Elaine speaks to companies, professional groups and community organizations on Doing Business Backwards,” “The Revenue Formula™,” “Your ROI Report,” “How to Get Everything You Want From Your Business,andThe Collaboration Economy.” Elaine’s unique day-long workshop, “Creating Your Business Purpose Blueprint”, is consistently sold out.

Elaine won the Women Impacting Public Policy 2012 Women and Technology Today award, has been recognized by Nevada State Treasurer, Kate Marshall, for her work as emcee for the Nevada Women’s Money Conference, and was also the first Women In Consulting member to win the coveted “Spirit of Women In Consulting” award in recognition of her commitment to helping people grow their businesses.

Grow Your Organization with Elaine

Elaine is passionate about serving organizations that bring people together. Connecting, contributing and collaborating enriches the lives of everyone involved. That’s why Elaine brings a complete Event Promotion Package FREE with every paid speaking engagement.

Event Promotion Package Details

Online promotion strategies for events and where to post your event information

Prospect Activation through pre-written social media posts and videos

Special bonuses for attendees LIVE at your event

Capturing endorsements and testimonials for your event

Following up with attendees to amplify their experience and drive repeat attendance

Viral Social Video Press Release about your event

Available Topics

20-30 Minutes: Stop Doing Business Backwards!

Do you feel like you’re treading water in your business? Are you working really hard, but nothing seems to make a difference? In all liklihood, you’re doing business backwards!

Business growth doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, it can be automatic and fun! “Stop Doing Business Backwards” reveals how to:

  • Identify the four Results your business can create.
  • Determine the unique value of your business.
  • Discover the secret to automatically and joyously grow your business.
  • Describe the Rewarding Experience you provide your ideal clients.
  • Calculate the four types of return-on-investment your business delivers.

This entertaining and interactive session delivers insight you can apply immediately in your business. Discover how you can shift your business into overdrive!

30 Minutes: The Revenue Formula

The Revenue Formula™ reveals why your business is thriving or failing – and what to do about it! Three principles used by the most successful business professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners are revealed through compelling case studies and examples, showing you what really works in business today. This fun, engaging presentation explains:

  • How the Four Return-on-Investment strategies are generated
  • How to align with your ideal clients for maximum revenue
  • How to generate exposure for your business or brand
  • The secret of effective positioning
  • Three simple principles that immediately ignite business results

45 Minutes: Why 5% Succeed

Only 5% of businesses experience ongoing success because they leverage the four different ways you create value for your ideal clients. This insightful look at how you build success for your clients reveals strategies for measuring and communicating your full value. Your prospects are eager to hire you when you can easily explain the unique benefits they receive!

This presentation reveals:

  • The four types of value
  • How you create value
  • How to measure value
  • How to effectively communicate your value so you get paid accordingly

Join us for a fun, engaging, insightful presentation that reveals how much more value you deliver than you ever realized!

45 Minutes: Predictable Results: How to Get Everything You Want from Your Business

If you’ve ever longed for a crystal ball to predict profit, manage relationships, and establish effective leadership, you want to attend this lively, insightful, thought-provoking presentation. Discover how you can attract qualified prospects, maximize your time, and generate long term relationships that grow your business.

This presentation reveals:

  • Why you (or your client) get “stuck” and what to do to get “un-stuck”
  • The importance of expectations and how to set expectations
  • How to get commitment and action – every time
  • How to get the three things you want most in business and in life

Join us for a innovative, interesting, insightful presentation that will open your eyes to predictable profits for your business and life.

45 Minutes: The Collaboration Economy

Everything you want to accomplish for your business requires collaborative relationships – that’s why we’re in the Collaboration Economy. Knowing how to foster collaborative relationships is the key to accomplishing all your business goals. Through compelling case studies, examples and exercises, you will discover:

  • What fosters collaboration
  • The three levels of Engagement
  • How to identify and align with your ideal collaboration partners

Join us for a lively, entertaining, innovative conversation that enables you to leverage the Collaboration Economy in your business and life.

1 Day Workshop: Creating Your Business Purpose Blueprint

You need to get more done with fewer resources and less time. “Creating Your Business Purpose Blueprint” takes you through a simple, yet deep-dive look at your own business to:

  • Learn simple yet powerful accelerative learning techniques that put you in “flow”
  • Create your personalized path to reach your desired goals.
  • Identify who your ideal clients are.
  • Clearly define your unique and compelling step-by-step process.
  • Capture common roadblocks your clients will encounter and must move through to be successful.
  • Reveal the ideal exercises, tools, and products your clients want most.
  • Determine the outline for your training, home study program, book, and/or group coaching process.
  • Define your Signature Talk topic.
  • Prevent you from EVER being stuck in your business.
  • Identify the actions that generate 95% of the results you want from your business.
  • Provide an accountability checklist so you are always on track.
  • Reveal your unique sales position in the marketplace.
  • Identify your client’s outcomes.
  • Create your “pull” marketing questions.
  • Establish a map so you know how to get where you want to go.

Emcee Services

As a seasoned and award-winning emcee, Elaine knows how to captivate your audience, keep them cheering for every speaker, and delight your sponsors. Elaine works closely with you to:

  • Structure your event for maximum interest
  • Collaborate with sponsors, speakers and the media to ensure high satisfaction from their contribution so you can easily upsell them for your next event
  • Prepare advance marketing materials that engage your audience BEFORE they arrive, including a Viral Social Video Press Release about your event
  • Create excitement and enthusiasm for each speaker, increasing back-of-room sales
  • Interact with your audience so they “own” your event and want to attend again and again
  • Capture endorsements before, during and after your event (AV services are available for an additional fee)
  • Follow up with your attendees to ensure they continue to talk about your event after the fact, increasing your annual attendance

Get the free checklist and video training that reveals The 10 Benefits Your Clients are Begging For

Discover the 10 Benefits Your Clients Are Begging For!